PyAllegro provides Python bindings to the Allegro Game Programming Library.

The Two Projects

There are two projects under the Python-Allegro name. They are developed independently.


Alpy 0.1.5 released

Experimental windows precompiled binary support.
Added basic support for AllegroGL 0.4.x in an extra module named aglpy.
Added tostring() and fromstring() methods to the Bitmap class, for converting to and from raw strings for use with other libraries (PIL, pyopengl, ...).
Added topil() and frompil() methods for converting to and from PIL images. The Python Imaging Library is only required if these methods are called.
Changed all examples to use allegro_message and be GUI friendly, plus other minor bugfixes.
Replaced AlpyError with correct AlpyException in documentation.
Get it from SourceForge's file section.
Written by gradha | 2007-04-29

Alpy 0.1.4 released

Corrected docsubst bug in alpy.allegro_id.
Corrected bug in alpy.register_counter().
Added support to pass unicode strings to the Allegro C version. New exunicode_ascii and exunicode_utf8 examples show how to do this.
Finished fleshing out the documentation.txt file.
Made alpy_set_alpha_blender() available as set_alpha_blender() on the Python side. Also implemented allegro_message().
Get it from SourceForge's file section.
Written by gradha | 2006-07-09

Alpy 0.1.3 released

Improved documentation and bugfix for Bitmap.polygon(). Get it from SourceForge's file section.
Written by gradha | 2006-03-26

PyAlleg-Pyrex released

Here's an early christmas present for you :)
The first release.
Most of the examples work with Python 2.3 as well as 2.4.
Written by AKX | 2005-12-22

Alpy 0.1.2 released

This works with both 4.0.x and 4.2.x versions of Allegro.
Written by gradha | 2005-11-20

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